After present

For our second drop, Biface decided to draw inspiration from its logo and values to create a unisex t-shirt and crop-top.

Our logo represents the African Giant Swallowtail papilio antimachus. A spieces of butterfly with a wide range in Africa’s primary rain forests which faces extinction due to the forest destruction and lack of protection. Only the male can be seen when the descend from the canopy. The females confining themselves from it and till this day, the larval foodplant of the species is unknown.  

We’ve used a face on each wing of the antimachus to emphasize the double face of the species. a side showing the phase of its existence when it needs to feed itself (knowledge, historical documents) in order to grow and moult, and the other side revealing its mutation enabling it to face its new life condition


A great example of the probity of our scholars is Cheikh Anta Diop. A scientist, accompanied by Théophile Obenga, who brought to light the whole historical truth and restored Africa’s cultural heritage at the 1974 Cairo Symposium, in the presence of twenty scientists from Egypt and the West, Sudanese scientist A.M. Abdallah and two UNESCO representatives.

Following this symposium, the 8-volume UNESCO General History of Africa was produced by thirty-nine scholars, twenty-six of whom are African.

Cultural Heritage

Before present, the tradition of our culture was to leave tangible, intangible or natural heritage.
Whether through the most precious tool of prehistory, the biface, or through oral tradition, Africa has a rich cultural paradigm in every region of the continent.

After present, Biface have a mission to shed light as many of the elements and stories that give us our cultural unity.


One of our goal is also to bring social change in response to the issues of our time and our continent is facing.